Lloyd Goradesky


“Goradesky’s work is compared to Christo & Jean-Claude. Using the Power of Art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings, Goradesky’s art extends from multi-media design to complex material creations.” -Discovery Channel


Current Project

Goradesky’s experimenting with glass technology combined with innovative lighting led Chabad Chayil Synagogue to select him as the Project Artist and Art Consultant for building and designing their Synagogue and educational building; a project that spans an entire city block in Aventura, Florida. The building’s focal point is the welcoming illusion of an open book that is created by the structure itself designed by Goradesky. The project includes Goradesky’s exclusive illusionary design and creative technology.



Exhibitions and Sanctioned Exhibits (* Indicates also published book and video)
2019 (Proposed) The Parasol Project, Miami Beach, FL
2018-2019  The Kinetic Weathervane: “Let Love Guide Your Way”, a 16-foot Weather Vane, 2019 Biennial International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium, Boynton Beach, FL *
2018 Fantastique: A Garden Installation, Weiner Museum of Decorative Arts, Dania, FL
2018 Museum Week: “Learn-From-A-Pro”, Weiner Museum of Decorative Arts, Dania, FL
2017 The Villa Paula, Miami, FL
2016 Art Basel-Spectrum Miami, Photography Exhibition, Miami, FL
2016 The Box Gallery, “New American Patriot – A Climate Action Exhibition,” West Palm Beach, FL
2016 ArtServe, “Environmental Awareness Exhibition,” Fort Lauderdale, FL
2015-2017 ”Gator in the Bay: How do you build the World’s Largest Alligator?” Locations include Naples, Italy, Frankfort, Germany and Basel, Switzerland (during Art Basel)
2015 Faces of America, 50 stone sculptural heads that when assemblied represent the American Flag, Fayetteville, NC
2015 Artist in Residence, “99th Anniversary of Everglades National Park Exhibition,” one-month including solo exhibit, events and workshops, Homestead, FL
2015 McCormick Place, Permanent Collection, Gator Tile Installation with Video Display, Miami, FL
2014 Nina Torres Fine Art, “Everglades Wildlife Exhibition,” Miami, FL
2014 Art Basel-Freedom Exhibit, “Shadow Art Exhibit: “Water Flows Freely,” 25’X5’ using trash picked-up in one-mile vicinity of exhibit, Miami, FL
2013 Miami Beach City Hall, Permanent Collection, Mayor Philip Levine, Floating Gator Tile, Miami Beach, FL
2013 Art Basel Miami Beach, “Gator in the Bay-Art and Event” entire body 104 tiles with hydraulic barge head floating in Biscayne Bay at the Miami Yacht Club, Watson Island, FL, also featured activities with 16 environmental groups (The Miami Herald voted it the #1 attraction, 2013 Art Basel). *
2013 Winter Fest Boat Parade, best in class, best in show, people’s choice, Fort Lauderdale, FL
2012 Winter Fest Boat Parade, best in class, best in show, Fort Lauderdale, FL
2012 Art Basel Miami Beach, “Floating Tile Art: Gator in the Bay – The World’s Largest Gator,” 33,000 pound, 3-story steel sculptured alligator head, with an opening and closing jaw, built on a barge using recycled junkyard materials *
2011-2014 Artopia Art Center, represented artist, Miami, FL
2010 Art Basel-Underground, Rainbow Clouds Exhibit, Miami, FL, solo exhibit traveled to major cities throughout America *
2008 “The Human Form,” 10 Miami Beach hotels, including Delano, Betsey Ross, Fritz, as well as major cities throughout America  *
2006 “Everglades Experience” solo exhibit, Zoo Miami, and various hotels and galleries in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, FL as well as major cities throughout America *
2004 “Caged Free: Animals Survival in Captivity” solo exhibit, Flamingo Gardens, Davie, FL, which led to photographing injured animals in captivity in nature centers across America *
2002 “We Are All Animals” solo exhibit, featuring animals and athletes doing similar behaviors, Nova Southeastern University, Davie, FL as well as various local galleries in Miami, FL
1999 “LloydScapes: Landscapes of the Americas” solo exhibit, various local galleries in Miami, FL *
1996 “Textures: Is It Really That?” solo exhibit, various local galleries in Miami, FL

Public Art
2012-2013 “Gator in the Bay,” a 33,000-pound alligator the size of a football field that floats. The head is a 3-story steel sculpture built on a self-propelled barge using recycled junkyard materials. The upper jaw attached to the boom of a crane, opens and closes. The body is made of 104 individual boards (called Floating Art Tiles) displaying 3,000 photographs of the Everglades (captured by the artist). The head/upper jaw was featured during Art Basel Miami-2012; entire piece was featured in Art Basel Miami-2013. Received widespread, international print and broadcast media coverage, including: ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN, Fox News, Yahoo News, Discovery Channel, Huffington Post, The Examiner, Sun Sentinel, Miami New Times and Miami Herald. Project Manager and Artist, Goradesky worked with federal, environmental and local city officials including Homeland Security, Marine Control, U.S. Coast Guard and NASA for approval. Budget $1,000,000. Private funding for this public art project.

2018-2019 “Let Love Guide Your Way” is a 16-foot Weather Vane sculpture featured in the 2019 Biennial International Kinetic Art Exhibit and Symposium, Boynton Beach, FL.  A weather or wind vane is an instrument used for showing the wind direction. The term weather vane is also a slang expression for a politician who has frequent change of opinion. In our chaotic world, when faced with difficult choice, let LOVE guide your way.  The art piece is a metaphor to show that when the winds of change present dilemma, “Love will guide Your way”.  The 1500 pound art piece is created using recycled-steel, aluminum, and finished with quality powder-coat paint. The sculpture features a unique engineered bearing system on the axis and lighting on the heart of the Cupid’s arrow.

2018 (Proposed) “The Parasol Project,” will be the “Welcome Beacon” for visitors during Art Basel Miami 2018. The Artist will cover a 10-story building using over 155 large round and rectangular parasols simulating ‘flowers’ morphed into Morse Code dots and dashes conveying messages to viewers that translate to “Welcome” on the building’s South Side and “We Love You” on the building’s North Side, creating a huge public art piece that is environmentally conscious that beautifies a dilapidated building. South Shore Hospital, The Crescent Heights construction location, Alton Road and Fifth Avenue, Miami Beach, FL

Media/Press/Publication Links
Discovery Channel Interviews
2012-2013 (Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0f-6wWIZWK0
2014 (Part 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tijO4g1JC-Y
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PBS aired Art Loft on segment January 15th, 2015
Gator in the Bay wins Winterfest Boat Parade 2 consecutive years
Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine welcomes Gator in the Bay during Art Basel Miami 2013
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Art Board Affiliations
Life is Art Board 2017-2019
Weiner Museum of Decorative Arts, Voluntary Adviser & Instructor, 2018
Artists in Residence in Everglades Board 2016-2017
Education for Tomorrow Advisory 2016-2017
WiseTribe Elder 2016-2017
Love The Everglades Movement Board 2012-2017
Miccosukee Advisory Board 2011-2014

VolunteerCleanUp.org, 501 (3)(c), Produce Video and document organization’s works, 2017
Volunteer for Homeless; documenting taking homeless children that are victims of gun violence into the Everglades, (The National Park uses artist’s video as training footage to show the importance and far reaching effect of the Everglades National Park), 2010-Current
Kiwanis and Returning Peace Corp Volunteers Project, Produced Video, update annually, 2012-Current https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEBZyNV2GY8
Master of Business Administration, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 2001
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, August 1981